Source Template a template used by the [#36-en,Add Events] and [#69-en,Data Bridge] LTools as a template for the creation of Legacy citation records. SourceWriter style source are not supported.




To create a template that will be used by the [#36-en,Add Events] and [#69-en,Data Bridge] LTools to create Legacy citations (Basic style):

  1. Press the Source Setup... button.
  2. Select the a Basic Master Source from the dropdown list.
  3. Fill out the other fields in the template as you would in Legacy. The various placeholders you can use are described below.
  4. Click the Save button.


Double clicking the Source Detail textbox will rotate through the default values as defined in [#14-en,Preferences] under SourceTemplate\|SourceDetailArray.


For the Data Bridge LTool, the Master Source and Citation Detail that appear in the Source Template can be retrieved from a your Legacy database. Just open Legacy and edit the Master Source you wish to associate with a particular Data Source. In the Comments for the Master Source, enter...


1 - DataSource Name

text - Must match the name of the DataSource exactly

2 - Source Template - Source Detail


3 - Source Template - Surety Level

text - must be a number from 0 to 4

4 - Source Template - Include this citation on reports

Y or N

5 - Source Template - This source has been verified

Y or N

6 - Source Template - Add this detail to the source citation on reports

Y or N

7 - Source Template - Add above text to the source citation on reports

Y or N

8 - Source Template - Add above comments to the source citation on reports

Y or N

For example, if you have a Legacy Master Source named " - Texas, Birth Index, 1903-1997", then, in Legacy, add the following Comment to that Master Source...

[[ - Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997|{DataSourceLFName}|3|Y|Y|N|N|N]]

Now, the next time you select " - Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997" in the Data Bridge, the Source Template will be pre-populated with the appropriate data.


For the Data Bridge LTool, you can use any of the following placeholders anywhere in your citation...

{DataSourceSSNorLFName} - Substitutes SSN if available, else LFNAME

NOTE: In V1.3.28.2, {Name} was replaced by {LegacyName} (the individual's full name constructed from the Legacy Value column), and {DataSourceName} (the individual's full name constructed from the Data Source Value column).

For the Add Events LTool, you can use any of the following placeholders anywhere in your citation...

{RIN} (individual events only)

When, in the process of building the Legacy citation, this LTool encounters one of these placeholders, the LTool will replace the placeholder with the actual value it represents.

Most of the above are self-explanatory. {AccessDate} will always be today's date. {DataSourceLFName} will format the name as LASTNAME, Firstname, with the last name in caps.

In addition to the placeholders listed above, any field in curly braces ({...}) on the Data Bridge Detail dialog can also be used as a placeholder. For example, if one of the fields dragged/pasted from a Data Source was "Mother's Name" then any occurrence of {MothersName} in the event template will get replaced with the actual mother's name from the Data Source. If you specified a placeholder in the event template and the data that you drag/paste from the Data Source does not include that field, the placeholder will be ignored.

If you add a placeholder in the form {?...?}, you will be prompted to enter a value manually.


uri/../images/bluepin.gif Select a Basic Master Source

Select the source type (aka Master Source) you wish to insert. Only Basic Master Source types are supported.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Miscellaneous other fields

Same as in Legacy.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Save

Click to save any changes you have made to the source template.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Cancel

Click to abort any changes you have made to the source template.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Help

You can use the ? (on the caption bar) or the \ key to display help for this dialog.

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