Set Source Verified Flags

... is a STANDARD LTool which sets the Verified state on tagged _Master Source_ and any linked _Source Detail_ records.




To set the Verified state on tagged _Master Source_ and any linked _Source Detail_ records:

  1. Open your database in Legacy.
  2. Untag any _Master Sources_ that you don't wish _LTools_ to consider.
  3. Now tag the _Master Sources_ you wish _LTools_ to update.
  4. Back up your Legacy database.
  5. Open your Legacy database in _LTools_.
  6. Double-click Set Source Verified Flags in the Standard LTools tree to bring up the dialog for this LTool.
  7. Set the state of the Verified checkbox to the desired value.
  8. Click the Run button.
  9. _LTools_ will set the Verified state on tagged _Master Source_ and any linked _Source Detail_ records.


uri/../images/bluepin.gif Master Source Tag

The tag you used in Legacy to mark the _Master Source_ records whose Verified state you wish to update. Currently your only choice is Tag #1.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Verified

Select the Verified state (checked or unchecked) that you wish to apply to tagged _Master Source_ records and any linked _Source Detail_ records.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Rows affected

The number of _Master Source_ and _Source Detail_ records updated.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Run

Click to apply the selected Verified state to tagged _Master Source_ and linked _Source Detail_ records in your Legacy database.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Close

Click to close this dialog.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Help

You can use the ? (on the caption bar) or the \ key to display help for this dialog.

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