Change To-Do Priorities

... is a STANDARD LTool which gives the user the ability to set Legacy's _To-Do Priority_ for all tagged To-Do's.




To change To-Do priorities in your Legacy database:

  1. Open your database in Legacy.
  2. Open the To-Do List.
  3. Untag any To-Do's that you don't wish _LTools_ to change. (HINT: Use Options \| Untag \| All To-Do Items.)
  4. Now tag the To-Do's you wish to change. (HINT: Use the Filter Options tab to view the To-Do's you are interested in changing, then use Options \| Tag \| Only To-Do Items Listed.)
  5. Back up your Legacy database.
  6. Open your Legacy database in _LTools_.
  7. Double-click Change To-Do Priorities in the Standard LTools tree to bring up the dialog for this LTool.
  8. Select the New Priority that you wish applied to the tagged To-Do's.
  9. Click the Run button.
  10. _LTools_ will change all tagged To-Do items in your Legacy database to the priority you selected.


uri/../images/bluepin.gif To-Do Tag

Tag #1 is your only choice.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif New Priority

Select the priority that you wish applied to the tagged To-Do items. Your choices are Low, Medium, and High priority.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Rows affected

The number of To-Do items whose priority was updated.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Run

Click to update the priorities of any tagged To-Do items.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Close

Click to close this dialog.

uri/../images/bluepin.gif Help

You can use the ? (on the caption bar) or the \ key to display help for this dialog.

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